About Us

Our Vision

The vision of HOLY CROSS ASSOCIATION is to envisage a value driven society in which there would be guarantee for social justice for all, keep up human dignity. Make sure of gender equality and ensure democratic participation of all human being irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex and social status.

Our Mission

The mission of HOLY CROSS ASSOCIATION would be to initiate various kinds of developmental activities to meet its vision by creating awareness, providing basic literacy among the �focused groups� and turning them into dynamic driving force and also involving the stakeholders of the� focused groups in all development activities. which would gradually empower them economically and culturally. Keeping up human dignity, gender equality and social justice and liberating themselves trough democratic participation.

Our Target Groups

Our association focuses primarily to upliftment of the downtrodden strata of the society such as scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and backward classes community. The agriculture labourers, migrants, minorities and other traditional artisans. We always look for ways and means through which we can develop the poor and ascertain their steady progress in the fields of education, community health, economic prosperity and sustainable around development.

Women - SHG Women, Children, Small and Marginal Fisherfolk, Yoth - of Boys and Girls, Orphans, Small Landholders, MIgrants

Focus Areas

  • Water and Sanitation
  • Health
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Skill Development
  • Housing
  • Self Employment
  • Agriculture and AquaCulture
  • Relief and Rehabilitation in Emergency

Our Projects

We undertake the projects which are most beneficial and which can empowering the weaker sections of society, our projects include focus on;

  • Eradication of illiteracy
  • Women empowerment program
  • Consumer awareness program
  • Adult education program
  • Development of handicrafts through training

Our experience in other projects

Apart from our general projects we have already gained experience in the implementation of :

  • Vocational training in various skill development programe
  • Creating awareness among the poor through water & sanitation programe
  • Awareness programe on current welfare schemes/projects
  • Micro finance

Our Objectives

We have set our objectives deeply guided by humanitarian princeples and we have ingranined them into the associations background our objectives include among other things.

  • Achieving all round development of SCs, STs and the poor economically socially but providing equal opportunities education medical/health care and also vocational training programe
  • Women and child care is our prime concern
  • Running a home for the destitute and windows
  • Rehabilitation activities for street children and activities that are aimed at the eradication of child labour

In order to strengthen the poor economically and socially, we have also made it our objectives:

  • To conduct income generating training programs for self employment
  • To facilitate entrepreneurship development programe
  • To run special schools for the orphan, the disabled and the mentally retorted children

Our important activities

We have been carrying out the following important activities for the last three years :

  • Educational awareness programe
  • Creating awareness about govt. programe in the poor
  • Pulse polio campaign
  • Looking after women welfare activities

Among others we are making campaigns about sanitation awareness campaigns about information & technology, programes to build sustenance and capacity among SHGs

  • Creating awareness among the poor about the importance of planting trees and protecting environment
  • Running from time to time several tribal welfare campaign
  • Designing programme for women empowerment
  • Providing computer literacy development and training progromme
  • Providing free education to poor students

Regarding health program we are:

  • Making HIV/AIDS awareness program
  • Organizing medical camps/both urban slums and rural areas.
  • A part from the above we are also collecting and distributing used clothes and other used appliances


Meet The Team




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B.Sc, B.Ed




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  • Dr.Brahmaji Rao

    MSc, Phd [Environment]
  • Mr.M.A.Sattar

    MSc, Mphil [Disaster Management & Climate Change]
  • Mr.Sathya Sagar

    MSW, MPhil [Social Work] Expert in Education & Health

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