We have set our objectives deeply guided by humanitarian princeples and we have ingranined them into the associations background our objectives include among other things.

In order to strengthen the poor economically and socially, we have also made it our objectives:


Our Vision

The vision of HOLY CROSS ASSOCIATION is to envisage a value driven society in which there would be guarantee for social justice for all, keep up human dignity. Make sure of gender equality and ensure democratic participation of all human being irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex and social status.


Our Mission

The mission of HOLY CROSS ASSOCIATION would be to initiate various kinds of developmental activities to meet its vision by creating awareness, providing basic literacy among the "focused groups" and turning them into dynamic driving force and also involving the stakeholders of the focused groups in all development activities. which would gradually empower them economically and culturally. Keeping up human dignity, gender equality and social justice and liberating themselves trough democratic participation.


Our Target Groups

Our association focuses primarily to upliftment of the downtrodden strata of the society such as scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and backward classes community. The agriculture labourers, migrants, minorities and other traditional artisans. We always look for ways and means through which we can develop the poor and ascertain their steady progress in the fields of education, community health, economic prosperity and sustainable around development.

Women - SHG Women, Children, Small and Marginal Fisherfolk, Youth - of Boys and Girls, Orphans, Small Landholders, MIgrants

About HCA Origin

In the month of November 1996, a powerful cyclone had been stricken Coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh which had left heavy damages to lives and livelihood in the region, the high wind waves have been devastated many villages in Nellore district. The cyclone has left a very pathetic condition in many coastal villages, people lack of shelter, water, sanitation and food etc, local government has providing support still many habitations are not able to reach.

Seeing the emergency and dire situations arises aftermath of cyclone impact in many habitations in the district, swiftly acted and motivated the local youth and mobilized food, material and cloths from individuals and philanthropists and distributed to cyclone affected families in the district. Further, we have been volunteered the government distributed system of relief materials to people apart from sensitized the people on safe water and sanitation practices etc. Our youth members were taken part in local government Post Disaster Damage Assessment in status of damage to houses, waster system mechanism and cropping system etc.

We have same extended services in the cyclones during year 1997 and 1998, some of the government officials have noticed us and suggested us to form a association together and get registered under societies act which can be extend many services to communities of rural and coastal communities. Considering our non-partisan, dedicated and holy services to the affected families, then members unanimously nomenclature Holy Cross Association [HCA] in 1998 October and conducted general body meeting in December 1998 December. We, Stand one word, we then all members of HCA unanimously took a decision and submitted a proposal to the Government with aims of extending services in education, health, water & sanitation and women empowerment focus the vulnerable sections of society. On 5 th January’1999 our Holy Cross Association was officially registered by Government. Since, then we have been serving the poor, weaker section, backward community and tribal sections of the society in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India.


  • Water and Sanitation
  • Health
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Skill Development
  • Housing
  • Self Employment
  • Agriculture and AquaCulture
  • Relief and Rehabilitation in Emergency


We undertake the projects which are most beneficial and which can empowering the weaker sections of society, our projects include focus on;
  • Eradication of illiteracy,Computer education and Digital education
  • Women empowerment program
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Health camps and Hygiene initiatives
  • Environmental awareness program
  • Child rights and Youth empowerments

Our experience in Social projects

Apart from our general projects we have already gained experience in the implementation of :
  • Vocational training in various skill development programe
  • Awareness program conducting Health & sanitation programe
  • Disaster relief & Covid relief activities
  • Self employment training programs
  • Tree plantation and Environment awareness

Our important activities

We have been carrying out the following important activities for the last three years :

Among others we are making campaigns about sanitation awareness campaigns about information & technology, programes to build sustenance and capacity among SHGs

Regarding health program we are:

Our Team